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"A Game of Go, from the Four Accomplishments"

A Game of Go, from the Four Accomplishments

A Game of Go, from the Four Accomplishments, Seattle Art Museum. Gift of Carmen Christensen, 92.33.1-4
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  • Artist: Kano school
  • Historical era: Azuchi-Momoyama (Early 16th century)
  • Material: Printed on washi, with gold leafs applied
  • Medium: Four sliding doors
  • Theme: High Resolution Facsimile of Japanese Art Abroad
  • Size: Each door 174.0 x 139.7 cm (L x W)
  • Recipient: Hanazono University (Kyoto)
  • [Original]
  • Current owner: Seattle Art Museum
  • Material: Gold-colored paper


These four sliding doors are part of a collection of 71 doors originally housed in the abbot's chamber at Ryoan-ji Temple. About 70 years ago, Ryoan-ji was in dire economic condition after the government confiscated much of its property during the movement to abolish Buddhism from Japan. The doors were sold to Ito Denemon, a coal mining mogul from Fukuoka prefecture. Ito kept the sliding doors in his residence, known as the Akagane Palace which later burned down in a fire caused by an electrical leakage. Luckily, the doors were kept in the priests' living quarters and survived this disaster. The incident led to the second relinquishment of these doors.


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