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Important Cultural Property, "Dragon and Clouds"

Dragon and Clouds

These images are based on the high resolution facsimile produced by the Tsuzuri Project. Unauthorized copying, duplication, or transfer of these images is strictly prohibited.

  • Artist: Kaiho Yusho
  • Historical era: Azuchi-Momoyama (16th century)
  • Material: Printed on washi
  • Medium: Four sliding doors
  • Theme: High Resolution Facsimile of Historical Cultural Assets
  • Size: Each door 198.0 x 187.0 cm (L x W)
  • Recipient: Kenninji Temple
  • [Original]

  • Current owner: Kenninji Temple
  • Material: Ink and wash on paper


When it comes to prominent painters during the Momoyama era, Kano school painters Eitoku and Sanraku quickly come to mind. However, it was Kaiho Yusho that would make a name for himself and leave a tremendous impact on the history of modern sliding door and screen painting. The 50 panels painted inside the abbot's chamber at Kenninji became a lifetime monumental work for Yusho, and for the art. Eight of these panels focus on the dragon and clouds. Dragon and clouds were painted often, as were tigers, during the Muromachi era. Over the span of this panoramic screen, the dragon occupies an affirmative position. Contrasting techniques are employed in this work. The clouds are painted using only varying shades of gray, with no outlines. More liberal strokes are used to render the dragon. Yusho's skilled artistry expresses the weight of the picture's significance -- dragons are revered with deity for their legendary elusiveness from fire and calamities.


Kyoto Culture Association (NPO)
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Kyoto Culture Association (NPO)
Formerly Kyoto City Seitoku Junior high school 3F
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