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Important Cultural Property, "Landscapes in Moonlight"

Landscapes in Moonlight (left)   Landscapes in Moonlight (right)

These images are based on the high resolution facsimile produced by the Tsuzuri Project. Unauthorized copying, duplication, or transfer of these images is strictly prohibited.

  • Artist: Soga Shohaku
  • Historical era: Edo (18th century)
  • Material: Printed on washi
  • Medium: Pair of six-fold screens
  • Theme: High Resolution Facsimile of Historical Cultural Assets
  • Size: Each screen 151.4 x 366.0 cm (L x W)
  • Recipient: Oumi Jingu Shrine (Otsu, Shiga prefecture)
  • [Original]
  • Current owner: Oumi Jingu Shrine
  • Material: Colored paper


Landscapes in Moonlight is considered a creation from Shohaku's later years. Shohaku was considered heretic, but this work, which is now designated as an Important Cultural Property, represents a daunting task given its massive size that could only be painted by Shohaku, in neither too much nor too little detail. The horizontal gold streaks used to express haze are thought to be influenced by Iwasa Matabei and lends color to the otherwise Chinese style of scenery painting. And, the unswerving depiction of people and animals that dot the painting provides amusement for the viewer.


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