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"Plum Blossoms and Frolicking Birds on the east side of Jhokan-ni-no-ma / Kano Sanraku/Sansetsu"

Plum Blossoms and Frolicking Birds on the east side of Jhokan-ni-no-ma

These images are based on the high resolution facsimile produced by the Tsuzuri Project. Unauthorized copying, duplication, or transfer of these images is strictly prohibited.

  • Artist : Kano Sanraku / Sansetsu
  • Historical era : Edo (17th century)
  • Material : Printed on washi, with gold leaf
  • Medium : Four sliding doors
  • Theme : High Resolution Facsimile of Historical Cultural Assets
  • Size : Each door 190 x 141.7 cm (L x W)
  • Recipient : Tenkyuin temple, a subtemple of Myoshinji Temple
  • [Original]
  • Current owner : Tenkyuin temple, a subtemple of Myoshinji Temple
  • Material : Color on washi paper dusted with gold leaf


The second upper room of Tenkyuin Subtemple, also known as the Ume-no-ma (Plum Room), is encircled by sliding doors displaying dynamic paintings of a plum tree bearing flowers and buds surrounded by mountain birds. The plum tree in this painting, its age revealed in its broken branches and moss-covered trunk, creates a spirit and rhythm along the picture plane with the trunk extending upward and downward and the branches emerging through golden clouds. The artists Sanraku and Sansetsu expressed the seasons in all the paintings depicted on the sliding doors of the abbot's chamber, second lower room, inner room, and second upper room. Scenes of the spring-to-summer transition are depicted in the Asagao-no-ma (Morning Glory Room), while a summer scene is evident in "Tiger and Bamboo" and scenes of the fall-to-winter transition appear in the Ume-no-ma.


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